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Why Teach Physie?

Become a Physie teacher they said, it will be fun they said… Well, they were right, but it provides us with soooooooo much more!!

We often refer to our club members as our physie family. Why? Maybe because it is the only way to describe the people who have chosen to spend their nights and weekends with us. If we have some big news, we share it with our physie family. Having a wedding or birthday? Make sure you save at least one table for your physie family, you know we will be there. It is this big net of support and love that we feel when we are part of a team that supports every member as if they are their own out there on that stage.

As your teacher, we could not be prouder. We see your commitment every week, we see you struggle with the syllabus one week and then get it the next, that’s inspiring.

Last weekend we held our annual Teachers Seminar. A weekend where all EP teachers come together, hold our AGM, enjoy each other's company and lay the final touches to your physie. All weekend, yep, we do physie all weekend. We asked our teachers the all important question, why teach physie? Here are just some of their responses.