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What is Physie?

Physical Culture or 'Physie', is a unique competitive sport combining dance, floor and standing exercises for girls and ladies aged from 3 years.


Based on basic ballet and modern dance, Physie is great for physical fitness, flexibility, coordination and posture, while building confidence and making new friends.Generations of Australian women from different backgrounds and of all abilities, love being a 'Physie girl'.  


Through childhood, study, having children and grandchildren, through their busy jobs and busy lives, girls and ladies of all ages value and return to the fitness, friendships and fun that Physie brings.


There is a saying among our Physie family "once a Physie girl, always a Physie girl".

Have Fun, Make Friends & Keep Fit

Improve your strength, flexibility, coordination and confidence in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Each year girls and ladies learn a new syllabus of routines which are refined and improved through regular classes and culminate in competitions for both individuals and teams.


Our Grand Final is held at the Sydney Town Hall in November of each year, the winner of each age group being named Champion Girl, and one senior girl being awarded the overall Grand Champion Girl.


Competitions are not compulsory but help our members build confidence and generate a feeling of togetherness and club spirit.

Affordable Classes

Edith Parsons Physical Culture is a not for profit organisation, run only for the enjoyment and well being of our members, making us one of the most affordable dance sports.  We run clubs throughout NSW and QLD.

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