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Our History

Our founder, Miss Edith Parsons, began her Physie career as a pupil at age 16 and in the following years she competed in numerous Champion Girl competitions as well as becoming renowned as an excellent teacher. 

In 1961 Miss Parsons (or 'Teach' as she is affectionately known) branched out on her own to establish the Edith Parsons School Of Physical Culture with nine clubs and the following foundation teachers: Anne Johanson, Norma Sullivan, Lillian Nutting, Shirley Johnson, Hazel Lane, Iris Leany and Shirley Bullock.

Teach was greatly encouraged and helped in those early years by her dear friend, Mrs Alice Lewis, who was her pianist for many years at the numerous clubs at which Teach taught. These included clubs in churches, business  houses, private schools and at a school for the hearing-impaired where Teach was  able to devise a system of clapping her hands to enable the members to 'feel'  the beat as they were unable to hear the music.


Her School rapidly increased to include clubs from the North Coast to the South Coast of New South Wales, and also in the ACT. She herself travelled far and wide to visit teachers and their clubs and take classes wherever required. 

1964 Grand.jpg

Teach's talent for choreography is legendary. She was the sole choreographer for her School until her retirement - a truly outstanding accomplishment when one considers the many thousands of exercises that this entailed. 

Teach’s high standards of choreographic excellence are now maintained by devoted teachers who will continue to dedicate their time and skills as long as there are girls and ladies to whom we can introduce the healthy and happy lifestyle of Physie. 

A fond farewell...

It was with great regret that we learned of the passing of our beloved “Teach” on February 8, 2010 aged 94 years. 

We thank Teach for having the vision, wisdom and foresight to begin her School which has seen so many girls and ladies over the past 50+ years gain great  enjoyment, exercise and friendship from their involvement with Physie. 

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Celebrating 50 Years

2010 marked the 50th anniversary of our School. It was a wonderful year of celebrations including two fantastic dinners in Sydney and Coffs Harbour which were attended by over 500 ladies, all of whom had a long connection with our School, many still involved either as teachers or pupils.


The final celebration was incorporated in our Grand Finals at Sydney Town Hall on November 28. We invited all of our ex Grand Champions to join us for this special occasion and we were very pleased that so many of them were able to do so.


We were especially honoured to have with us our very first Grand Champion Girl from 1961, Barbara Hayes, who presented the trophy and sash to the 2010 Grand Champion Girl, Melissa Brailey from our Tuggerah Lakes club. 


To see all these ladies in the parade of ex-Grand Champions was awe-inspiring and was certainly a fitting conclusion to the night which was enjoyed by all present. We can't wait to share the next 50 with you!

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