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6 Years Champion Girl 2022

Waseema loves doing physie and watching it too, she thinks it's just so beautiful.

When Waseema arrived in Australia from Iraq at the age of 3, her parents enrolled her into physie straight away. Navigating the challenges of language & cultural differences is a credit to Waseema & her family. She instantly fell in love with the music & movement of EP Physie and has already completed three years with the Kannella/Coffs Harbour Club.

There are many things that Waseema has learnt from doing physie. Standing tall, having good posture, marching with strong legs, pointing her toes, taking a deep breath & to stay calm. These are wonderful skills to have for someone so young.

Waseema enjoys her physie class, her Teacher Ann is always making her laugh and Ann is also smiling when she tries so hard. Her hard work has paid off with selection for Grand Finals and when she arrived at Sydney Town Hall, she said in her soft voice "that is a very big stage." She loved her time up there with the other girls from all over NSW.

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