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The Benefits of Physie for Kids.

Physie is a unique Australian dance style that incorporates movements from

Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Marching, Yoga and even Pilates.  It is a perfect

blend of Movement and Fitness. 

The benefits of Physie are endless and have such a positive impact on our kids.


Gain in Self Confidence

When kids participate in any form of movement it increases their level of physical

fitness, they may feel emotionally and mentally more positive. When you

exercise, you release chemicals called endorphins that trigger positive feelings.

Physie also encourages kids to release their inhibitions, build confidence and

develop a positive self-image. 


Improved Learning & Boost Memory

Physie requires a certain level of focus and practice. It takes dedication and

training. Children learn to focus their movements, control their emotional energy,

and practice to achieve higher goals. The discipline and skills they develop in a

physie class can also extend to their learning in the classroom.


Encourage Socialisation

Physie is a highly social activity. In class, children learn how to work as part of a

team, develop a greater sense of trust and cooperation, and have the extra

benefit of making new friends. These weekly interactions are also helping them

gain lifelong friendships along the way. Physie friends become our forever


Strengthens The Body

Physie is a great way to exercise. Children have an abundance of energy and

need to move their bodies! While unstructured, active free play is essential the

structure of a Physie class is another great way of being active and encouraging

movement in an increasingly sedentary world. Physie benefits children of all

ages by developing problem-solving skills, discipline, mental flexibility, physical

dexterity, coordination, balance, flexibility, core strength, skills in teamwork,

collaboration, and self-confidence.

There are so many benefits of attending a Physie Club, benefits that extend

beyond the class but most important is to remember that Physie is so much fun

and can become a lifelong hobby and passion!

Physie benefits your child’s body, their mind, and their spirit.

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