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16 Years Champion Girl 2022

Physie has been a big part of Sydney's life and she is now into her 11th year, loving it more than ever! She feels very lucky to have many special friends through physie from many different clubs, especially her best friend Larni, who she met on her first day at Yarrawarrah Physie.

All of the girls in class with Sydney enjoy learning the syllabus together and of course many memories are made when they take turns saying silly things, they've now started to keep a list! Sydney is always giving her Teachers' Ella & Shae something to smile about. They describe her as the ideal student who always comes to class with a smile on her face & lights up the class with her positive attitude. Sydney is always striving to improve and perfect her syllabus, she is a pleasure to teach.

Learning the Dance is something Sydney looks forward to each year. It's so much fun adding little bits and pieces to make it her own dance. She finds it lots of fun to perform because the hard part is done by then and you can just enjoy it! Being able to perform on Sydney Town Hall stage and for so many people, who are there to support you, just feels amazing. There is nothing better, Sydney just loves it!

Practice, Practice, Practice is the best way to feel confident for your routines. Sydney puts in the hard work & has a feeling of accomplishment after a good performance. On competition day, she has everything already prepared, the less stress the better on the day!

Sydney tells her friends that physie is "a type of dancing but a little different. A mix of jazz, ballet, pilates & more"

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