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9 Years Champion Girl 2022

Having done physie most of her short life, Summer loved discovering EP Physie in 2022. She especially loved the bling that Miss Kerrieanne put on her favourite blue leotard, making it sparkle at Sydney Town Hall. This was Summer's first time marching out on the big stage & seeing all the people in the audience made her a bit nervous and she had a little giggle.

All of the new friendships that Summer has made at Kannella Coffs Harbour Physie is something she definitely loves and she also says that her Teacher Ann is really funny & nice.

Ann describes Summer as, like her name, a ray of sunshine. She arrives at class with a smile for everyone and brightens the room. We love having her and her talent, strength and flexibility ensure she is beautiful to watch.

Once Summer has learnt all the syllabus, she practises alot to remember the routines, she remembers the tips her Teacher has given her & Mum helps her too!

Summer tells her friends that physie is like dancing and it's really fun!

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