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Updated: Apr 5, 2023

10 Years Champion Girl 2022

Sophie has loved physie for many years. She started as a 2 year old with her sister & cousin, following in the footsteps of her Mum & Aunty. They have all attended Yarrawarrah Physie at Engadine.

Sophie's Teacher Ella loves that she enjoys coming to physie & having lots of laughs with her friends in class. She tries 100% week in, week out and is always asking for tips & tricks to help perfect those difficult moves.

Sophie tells her friends that physie is a combination of dance, ballet, yoga & exercises to music. Physie is also a unique sport that you can compete in a team as well as Champion Girl.

A very special moment Sophie will always remember, is being part of the Parade of Champions. To walk out & stand with all the other Champions up on the Town Hall Stairs, is a dream come true.

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