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5 Year Champion Girl 2022

Sophia has been doing physie since she was 3 years old with the Moorebank St Thomas Club. She has made many new friends since joining the club and always tells others all about the wonderful world of physie. Sophia always loves to dance & do her physie, it gives her a strong body, especially for her favourite routing, floordrill.

Last year was Sophia's first time seeing Sydney Town Hall & she loved performing on the big stage with all the other 5 year old girls. Her sister Maykayla and Mum Cassandra have both competed at Grand before and they were able to help her feel calm for the competition. They were clapping & cheering when her number was called out as Champion Girl.

Sophia has many Teachers at Moorebank St Thomas that remind her to stand tall and point her toes, they love seeing her smile and having fun at Physie. She smiled so big at her club competition when she watched her teachers perform the 5-8yrs Dance, it was so much fun. She loved wearing her sparkly green leotard at competitions, a special leotard that has been worn by many Physie girls before her!

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