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12 Years Champion Girl 2022

Poppy has been doing EP Physie ever since she can remember, from the ripe old age of 2! She will now be competing in the 13 years section and is looking forward to the extra challenges for that age group.

Her Teacher Shae has watched Poppy blossom into a confident, strong young woman who loves her physie and always supports & cherishes her physie friends. She is a fun charismatic young girl, always bringing a smile & good attitude to class.

Poppy loves all her friends she has made at Yarrawarrah Physie over the years as well as the girls from other clubs, that she sees at Competitions.

Performing at Sydney Town Hall is an amazing experience and Poppy says "There is no other venue like it!" She has very fond memories of performing on the stage, although one year she had lost her physie skirt, which turned into a funny incident when it was called over the loud speaker as Lost Property! Thankfully she got it back in time for her to compete.

When it comes to leotards, Poppy will usually pick her colour and style at Grand the year before, when she looks at other people's leotards. Her favourite leotard is the aqua one she wore when she performed on the Training DVD, very special memories.

Poppy describes physie as a mix of dance, gymnastics and yoga to modern music!

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