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11 Years Champion Girl 2022

When Miley was 3, she started physie in the Tiny Tots with Miss Mel and now she is up to her 10th year!

Miley's Mum and Aunty have both competed at Sydney Town Hall with EP Physie and Miley loves following in their footsteps and sharing this experience with them. Her Teacher Louise describes Miley as a quiet achiever, always giving her full attention in class & is very teachable. She has a very calming & motivating influence with her classmates and the Tuggerah Lakes Physie Club.

Miley is a beautiful physie girl, just like her mother Kirsten and Aunty Lauren before her. Miley also loves learning her physie syllabus throughout the year, Miss Louise & Miss Nikki help her to be a strong physie girl, with keeping her legs & positions strong. She makes use of the Syllabus Training DVD to help her remember her routines, a very useful tool whenever she needs it!

This year Miley is particularly excited to be a demonstrator for the 5-8 age group. One of the creative processes of EP Physie is designing your own leotard and this is something Miley loves to do, right from the start of the year, choosing what colour to what style to have and then have it decorated to sparkle on the stage.

Miley describes physie as a mix of ballet, dance, marching & exercises with really fun music.

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