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2022 Open Seniors Group 2 Champion

Melissa started Physie at the age of 4 and has competed for many years. So much of her life has been all about Physie! Going into her 41st year, Melissa loves the uniqueness of EP Physie and that it promotes strength, elegance, poise, and self-confidence. Four values she is able to carry in her everyday life.

Throughout her Physie career, Melissa has shared in many wonderful memories and has made many friendships at her club, Tuggerah Lakes Physie, as well as all over EP, something she will cherish for life. For Melissa, 2022 will always be a special year. This was the year she and her two daughters all competed at the State Grand Finals with all of their family and friends there to be part of such a memorable day. She still gets happy tears when reminiscing about marching out on the Town Hall stage for Grand.

She loves the presentation of EP Physie with leotards that shine bright on stage! Melissa is lucky that her Mum makes all of her leotards, making them even more special. In her 40 years of competing, there have been so many different leotards however her favourite have been her latest leotards from 2020 and 2022. Melissa enjoys adding the bling to each leotard, for that sparkle on stage.

Her Teacher Louise has taught Melissa since she was 13 and could see the potential in her straight away. She says that Melissa’s determination to learn, perfect and display her work is always the first priority. Anything that comes after that is a bonus. When Melissa faces a setback, it makes her more determined to be even greater. This showed during her first year of open seniors when she not only won her section, but also won Grand Champion Girl 1998.

Melissa describes physie as a sport that stands strongly on it's own. A combination of marching, yoga, ballet, pilates, functional choreographed movement as well as a dance to contemporary pop music. It's a disciplined sport with high technical value and one that she loves!

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