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Intermediate Seniors 1 Champion Girl 2022

2023 is Megan's 4th year of doing physie with EP. Her sister & Mum also do physie with her at Southern Highlands Physie Club. Her Grandma (who passed 6 years ago) also did physie for over 40 years and was a Teacher throughout that time as well. Physie is ingrained in her family & they all love it.

Megan performed on the Sydney Town Hall stage for the first time in 2022. She had an amazing experience up on the big stage of such a special venue. It is a memory that she will never forget, especially to have her family & physie friends cheering her on.

Brigette her Teacher has loved sharing Megan's physie journey & following her dreams. From the moment she joined the club, she could tell how passionate & committed Megan was to her physie. Over the 3.5 years Megan has shown such growth & improvement, especially in her technique and strength. Megan is an absolute pleasure to teach & a terrific human!

Megan loves to learn the Lunge Group, which is the last exercise they are judged on at competitions. She enjoys learning the work throughout the year and as the year progresses, she likes to do lots of practice. She is always doing her routines around the house and often videos herself, to watch back on later.

On competition days, Megan makes sure her bag is fully packed, double checked before leaving and she goes over her work that morning. She loves meeting so many new physie people at class and at comps.

When people ask her what physie is, she describes it as "Movement to Music!"

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