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Advanced Ladies (Group 1) Champion Lady 2022

Karen has been doing EP Physie on & off for the last 39 years, starting when she was 4. Her family is all about physie and to have the passion all that time, it shows that physie is a forever sport. So are physie friendships, which Karen is so grateful to have in her life for many years.

Karen's Teacher Anna describes her as a dedicated physie competitor & Teacher, spending countless hours working on her skills as well as supporting her students. Everyone at Lane Cove Physie loves Miss Karen and were so proud to see her win the first Trophy for the Club at Sydney Town Hall.

Life can be very busy and Karen found this out in 2020 when fulfilling everyones leotard orders, she realised at the last minute she didn't have something for herself! Even with her leotard business, she just ended up borrowing from a friend. So many colours to choose from, Karen does tend to change her mind many times. Leotards and bling are two things that Karen has a great passion for, she loves her black nadia leotard, being so comfortable to perform in & plenty of bling can be added to it!

Karen describes physie to her non physie friends as precision dance that requires control and core strength. A variety of dance genres rolled into one plus the added bonus of making lifelong friends.

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