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7 Years Champion Girl 2022

At age 3, Jaide had a little march around the room at her Mum's Club Comp and that was all it took to spark her interest in physie, she started the following year at Concord Wesley Physie Club.

Her Teacher Robynne has taught Jaide right from the start and has found it very rewarding to watch her grow into the champion girl that she is today! She describes Jaide as a very mature & sensible young lady for her age and is a most reliable leader in her physie class.

Jaide loves to perfect her syllabus and is always willing to help her other class members. Robynne says Jaide loves to dance and is sure one day she will be choreographing her own dances. She loves watching her shine on the physie stage.

Before a competition, Jaide has a stretch and once she is performing, she acts like she is the only one on the stage & no one is watching her!

How does Jaide remember her physie? She counts with the timing.

Jaide describes physie as ballet & jazz mixed together.

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