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8 Years Champion Girl 2022

Grace started following her sisters to physie and at 2.5 years old, she decided to join the class. Even being so young, she has made lots of friends and gets to play with them after class at Nambucca Valley Physie, especially Charlotte her best friend.

When Grace stepped onto Town Hall stage last year, she felt nervous but happy because it is so beautiful. She has watched her sister & cousins perform there, as well as her Teacher Zali. Lots of excitement when competing at Grand, then afterwards, it's time to discuss the important things, such as what colour leotard does she choose for next year! This is always worked out on the car ride home from Sydney.

Her Teacher Jo is always finding ways of helping the girls in class and when she gets out the paddle pop sticks, Grace & the girls know it's time to improve their rhythm fingers.

Jo & Zali describe Grace as the Little Pocket Rocket. She is totally dedicated to her physie, even when she is away on holidays, we love receiving videos of her practicing. Grace is an extremely humble young girl and an absolute pleasure to teach.

Grace tells everyone that Physie is Dance with a Twist.

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