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GRAND CHAMPION 2022 & Open Seniors Group 1 Champion

Darcie found her love of physie when she was 2 turning 3, this will be her 22nd year of EP Physie. There are many aspects of EP Physie that Darcie loves: the structure and control, it teaches you to be aware of the muscles you need to use to execute a movement with strength & control to make it look effortless.

Darcie is lucky enough to have her Mum as her physie teacher at Southern Highlands Physie, she always reminds her to go out and do the thing that she loves most, which is perform. Brigette describes Darcie as a physie teacher's dream and an inspirational role model at our club. Dedicated, Passionate, Driven, Committed, Humble, Gracious, Intense, and Unique are all words that describe her perfectly. She loves her physie and her club.

She also loves the look! The leotard, skirt, bling and ballets combo is so elegant and classy - it make us so recognisable.

Her favourite leotard would have to be her green one that she wore last year as it was such a unique colour that is attached to one of her most special physie memories. Darcie also has a fun leotard memory when she was in the 9 years. She had a light blue leotard which she had to get sewn into and cut out of it every time she wore it, because they didn’t consider how to get the leotard on and off when designing it!

There are two routines that Darcie looks forward to learning each year; rhythm & lunge group, both opposite to each other and require different strengths to bring the movements to life.

On competition day, Darcie likes to listen to her physie playlist on repeat during the lead up, to feel the excitement and get in the right headspace.

Sydney Town Hall is a special place for EP physie girls and Darcie is no different. She describes performing there, like coming home every year. Hearing her number called to contest Grand Champion Girl is an indescribable feeling that you always hope to experience. It's the ultimate reward for all the hard work and dedication you put into your physie, throughout your entire physie career.

A tip from Darcie to remember your routines; is to practice everything so you can do it in your sleep.

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