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Attributes of a Physie Girl

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Dedication and Commitment

Dedication and Commitment are qualities that don't come easy and take a lot of practice. Physie girls are very committed and determined, whether it be through the attendance of classes, commitment towards team competitions and Champion girl competitions. They are committed to their teachers and their clubs, their friends and their peers, and to themselves. As well as having the patience to learn the work, a physie girl is also dedicated to doing the work correctly. They put in effort to practice their routines to make them look as effortless as possible.

Supportive and Encouraging

Whether it be at competition level or on a club level, a physie girl is always supportive of their friends, their clubs, their teachers, and their peers. Physie creates a special bond amongst friends and brings people closer together through a shared passion. Physie girls and ladies are always encouraging one another to do their best and are always there for each other to support the highs and the lows.

Gracious and Elegant

Through good posture and poise, a Physie girl can always be spotted in a crowd. Physie girls have beautiful posture and know how to present and hold themselves in an eye catching manner. Our beautifully crystalled leotards, clean hairstyles, and silver ballets help to create the picture of elegance and grace whilst competing. If there was one word to describe EP Physie, it would be Elegance.

Endurance and Strength

Our Physie routines are a workout for the whole body and it is something that takes a lot of practice. Body conditioning takes a lot of time and effort through memorising routines, stretching, and building strength to make the work look effortless. Through dedication and commitment, physie girls build up their endurance and strength to improve their Physie each week during classes to ensure they are in their best shape for competitions.

Confidence and Passion

As physie is a performance art, it is important that physie girls are comfortable and confident in what they are doing and how they perform. Physie girls exude confidence in the way that they perform on stage, as well as helping to build confidence in themselves. Bringing all of these attributes together, a Physie girl is very passionate about her sport. The passion, drive, confidence, endurance, strength, graciousness, elegance, support, encouragement, dedication, and commitment shown by a Physie girl is what makes them so unique.

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