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Extended Ladies Champion 2022

Alice started EP physie as a 3 year old and has been doing physie for over 40 years. Alice's former Teacher at Collaroy Plateau Physie Club, Helen Hines, is so proud of this beautiful lady and now the roles are reversed and Alice is Helen's teacher! Many members of her club describe her a true inspiration and Champion, through her hard work achieving excellence as a Teacher, performer and person.

When it comes to learning the syllabus each year, Alice's favourite is always Rhythm. She loves the movements to extend her limbs, point her toes, turn out and use all the music. Alice enjoys that it has a little more opportunity for self-expression than the other routines, while still being able to maintain the correct positions.

Alice has had many beautiful leotards over the years, her favourite is her hollywood pink colour from 2019. It was just so pretty & comfortable and made her feel exceptionally presented. Choosing the colour & style for the following year usually happens on the last night of comps the year before! Alice says "It’s always fun to finish the year with making plans with my best physie friends for the year ahead". She usually gets the leotard maker to design the bling. After all, it’s the physie that counts.

Leading up to a comp, Alice will practice many times a week. She believes “performing” the physie routine at 100% effort, is the only way to do it. While she is practicing, she visualises the audience, the lights and even the butterflies in her stomach. It helps her prepare for the performance mentally and physically.

A wonderful piece of advice that has stuck with her over years, came from her Mum. She’s always told Alice to perform like a champion (this was long before she was one). All she had to do then, was to get the routine right.

Alice's 3 tips for memorisation of her routines are:

1.Repetition, repetition, repetition;

2. Do it slowly more than you do it to the music; and

3.If you can do it in your head without moving your body, you’ve got it!

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