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14 Years Champion Girl 2022

Ruby started her physie life when she was 3 and is now into her 12th year of EP Physie. She has made lifelong friendships at her club Eastlakes Physie, as well as other physie clubs and she loves physie for the amount of strength and flexibility she gets from doing it.

Many things go into the preparation for physie competitions. One thing is deciding on a leotard, which Ruby works out from looking at other girls from the year before and with help from her Aunty to choose what looks best for her. Her favourite leotard was from the 12 years, she loved the style & colour on her.

Her Teacher Karissa is always encouraging and pushing Ruby to do her best, which helps build up her confidence when performing.

Karissa describes Ruby as a very humble and hardworking girl, who gives a piece of herself to all club members. She is an absolute pleasure to teach and we are so happy that Ruby calls Eastlakes Physie, home.

On competition day, Ruby makes sure she has some fruit before performing and some words of encouragement from her Mum, she is the best at calming her nerves.

Ruby's favourite routine to learn is the dance and to help her remember her routines, she practises a lot and feels the more you do it, the easier it is to remember.

Ruby describes physie as a type of modern dance which builds up lots of strength, flexibility posture, as well as many friendships.

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