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13 Years Champion Girl 2022

Ava has been a physie girl since the age of 4 and is in her 11th year of doing EP Physie. Ava has grown up going to Town Hall to watch all the older girls do the Senior work, dreaming that one day she will be up on the stage as well. It's such a great atmosphere at Grand and a very special day to be part of.

Every week at class and also at competitions, Ava enjoys catching up with her physie friends. They always have fun together, even if they haven't seen each other for months.

Describing physie to your non-physie friends can be tricky. Ava tells them it's a cross between ballet, gymnastics, dance & pilates all set to music! When you learn your routines all throughout the year, it is a good idea to practice everything to keep it fresh in your mind, which is what Ava does.

Each year Ava enjoys learning the new syllabus, her favourite is the Lunge, which she feels is one of the harder routines to perform. The Lunge group requires alot of strength to perfect the moves.

Ava's Teachers Jo & Zali love having her as part of Nambucca Valley Physie team. Ava is a pleasure to teach, she is perfectionist and always work hard to accomplish the tasks set for her.

All the young girls at NVP look up to Ava and aspire to be just like her. They are a terrific bunch & share their love of physie with each other.

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