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Interclubs are a great introduction to the competition side of EP Physie.

Often treated like a dress rehearsal, Interclubs offer members an opportunity to perform in front of an audience before the upcoming zone competitions. 


Interclubs are a great way for girls to gain confidence and build friendships and an opportunity to support the whole club. 

EP Physie.png


6 August, 2023

Bangor Georges River.png

Bangor/Georges River

2 September, 2023

Mulgoa Valley Physie

Mulgoa Valley

17 September, 2023


Kannella Coffs Harbour

12 August, 2023

Tuggerah Lakes.png

Tuggerah Lakes

9 September, 2023

Newcastle City.png

Newcastle City

23 September, 2023

Lane Cove.png

Lane Cove

26 August, 2023

Blacktown City.png

Blacktown City

10 September, 2023

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